I don’t know what happened.  “One day my Realtor was showing me homes and then suddenly he couldn’t be found anywhere”.   This can be a widespread practice of many people who make a living in the people business.  They just don’t communicate.  Why?  Why do so many Realtors fail to pick up the phone, send an email or simply send somebody a text?   Could it be that these people are shy?  If that’s the case they more than likely are in the wrong business.  I think they are afraid.  Afraid to address an issue that needs to be addressed now because they are not sure how their client will react.  You need to make that call and address the issue at hand.  Too many people, not just us in the Real estate business run from problems.  You need to run TO the problem if you want any chance to solve that problem.  Nobody is going to egg your house or put sawdust in your gas tank if you simply address whatever issue is currently on the plate. 

Communication today is far different than it was 16 years ago when I became a Realtor.  Today almost everybody has a cell phone, not the case 16 years ago.  Then it was considered a bit standoffish if you texted somebody about anything.  Today that is no longer the case.  Just about everybody texts today. Communication is the method for avoiding significant issues and conflicts that will do nothing but cause you grief and lose you clients and future business.  Everybody wants to know what the status of their transaction is at, how long before they need to start packing and most importantly, is the deal going to go through???

If you weren’t capable of communicating during a tough situation where do you get the nerve to communicate during the easy times.  You need to be able to communicate with everybody involved during the easy times as well and more importantly during the challenging times.  I understand that there are many Realtors who are poor communicators and are still top producers.   They just go through more numbers but don’t ever end up with a lot of referrals.   They can be so much more productive in the long run if they would just communicate.     If you are a good communicator, you’ll live a happy carefree life.  If you don’t, you’re doomed for failure and misery.  So, pick up the phone, send me an email or drop me a text.   Do something.  I promise you it will pay off with referrals galore and a lifetime happiness and success.  Good luck & good selling!