The biggest challenge for many home buyers today is saving up for a down payment and closing costs.  Well the Nevada Housing Authority has taken care of the Down Payment part.  Home is Possible is a program that will grant you your down payment and you never have to pay it back. 

Here are the qualifications:

Must have a minimum 640 FICO/Credit score

You can't earn more than $97,500 annually

You must be a Nevada resident and reside in the home

Maximum price no higher than $400,000

This is one of many programs available in the State of Nevada that are designed to help renters become home owners.  After all, why in the world do you want to pay off your landlords mortgage when with the same effort you can pay off you own.  Rent in Southern Nevada are at a 7 year high and going higher.  Typically the cost to move into a rental is first month rent. and equal amount of security deposit, then you have key deposit, pet deposit if you have a pet.  on a $1,250 monthly rental the move in cost can be more than $3,000.  Often with Down Payment Assistance Programs you'll need less then that to move in. 

If you are a Veteran you already have a no down payment benefit so you get a lower interest rate.  There are many other programs to help renters become home owners.  To find out more information on how to become an owner please call or write me anytime.  

You can always reach me at either 702-236-1095 or

In the meantime have a Happy Thanksgiving and I'll look forward seeing you right here in December.